Here’s what people are saying about Small Acts of Resistance:

Shirin Ebadi

Too often, people talk of what is unachievable. As this book makes clear, we need to be reminded about what is achievable, too. Small Acts of Resistance is inspiring — and real.

Shirin Ebadi, Nobel-Prize-winning Iranian activist and lawyer

Mia Farrow

Powerful, uplifting, mischievous, fascinating.

Mia Farrow, Actress and campaigner

Vaclav Havel

Small Acts of Resistance pays tribute to those who have sought to live in truth, and the impact that can have.

From the preface by Václav Havel, former dissident and President of the Czech Republic

Jon Snow

At its simplest this is a series of uplifting accounts of the sheer power of the human spirit to overwhelm man’s inhumanity to man. But it is also a highly readable voyage through a century of struggle across the world – some of which we were hardly aware of, and too many of which, we are in danger of forgetting. A brilliant compendium.

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

Geoffrey Robertson QC

An inspiring account of those magic moments of mischief that can transform our lives – a book that shows how to poke your tongue out at tyrants without having it cut off.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, author of Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice

John Simpson

Mr Crawshaw and Mr Jackson detail example after example of the way in which governments which deny people their freedom have been brought down by people who are determined to speak and act as though they are free.

John Simpson, World Affairs Editor, BBC

Financial Times

Encouraging us not to be complacent or defeatist, but to recognise how often change appeared impossible, then happened… Powerful…Uplifting.

Hugh Williamson, Financial Times

Essential Reading

Eastern Approaches,

Le Monde

“With its praise for the “naive” and the “courageous”, this book will infuriate some “realists”. And that is certainly one of its aims.”

Book of the Day, Le Monde

The Independent

“this inspiring book… bears witness to the fact that the individual conscience, ignited by indignation, is capable of almost anything.”

Peter Popham, The Independent

The Nation

“A small volume of big ideas… This book will inspire subversive thinking long after you’ve finished reading it… For anyone with a scintilla of contrariness in them, reading ‘Small Acts of Resistance’ will reward you. For any despot or their apologists, it will disconcert you, because it proves your days are numbered.”

David Scott Mathieson, The Nation

The Guardian

“Very Enjoyable”

Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian

Asia Times

“Behind all these tales, told in short, rapid-fire bursts, is the book’s main theme: that all authority, even the very worst, only exists with the consent of those it commands. The moment the people decide they have had enough – and this applies to the people that enforce the system as well as to those that endure it – the gig is up. ”

Jim Ash, Asia Times